About Us

Welcome to Timber Twig, where the spirit of adventure meets the comfort of home! Founded by a team of outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned travelers, Timber Twig was born from a desire to blend the love of the great outdoors with the need for versatile, dependable gear.

Our journey began under the starlit skies and amidst the whispering woods, where we realized that the right equipment can turn any slice of nature into a cozy, unforgettable retreat. That's where our flagship product, the Timber Twig Puffy Down Blanket, comes into play. Engineered for the wild, this lightweight, packable blanket is your perfect companion whether you're around a campfire, on a remote beach, or enjoying a concert under the open sky.

At Timber Twig, we are committed to sustainability and thoughtful design. Our products are crafted from responsibly sourced materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum durability. We believe in creating gear that not only serves your adventurous spirit but also respects the planet.

Our community is at the heart of what we do. We listen, we learn, and we innovate based on the feedback from our tribe of Timber Twig adventurers. Every blanket, every product has a story of a thousand journeys, inspired by dreamers, wanderers, and doers like you.

Thank you for choosing Timber Twig. Here’s to many adventures together, wrapped in the warmth of our blankets!